I am a writer and producer of impactful digital content on a mission to transform hearts and minds.

What is often missing from the cultural landscape is authentic voices and messaging for Millennials, Latinos and women. I spent almost a decade creating culturally competent messaging and marketing campaigns for political candidates and organizations across the country.

Now, I work with brands that are transforming the media landscape, and propelling a positive representation of Millennials, women and Latinos. 

I recently launched, Women Who Misbehave Podcast, my co-host Linda Garcia and I discuss the intersection of the political, the personal, pop-culture and even the spiritual.

I also write and speak about mental health, millennial trends, politics, and parenting. My insights on have been published in Marie Claire, Forbes Woman, Vox, Romper, Mom.Me, Project Enye and others. I have been featured in the Super Mamas Podcast, Standing Out Podcast, and Tamarindo Podcast. 

I also create a weekly newsletter called The Currently

I was the first in my family to graduate from college, earning a degree in Political Science from California State University, Northridge.

I am raising a toddler, and step-daughter with my fiancé in East Los Angeles

I am available for consulting, writing, and content strategy collaborations. Please email me at betsy@betsyaimee.com to get started! 

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Betsy Aimee