The Currently Podcast Episode 6: Human Behaviour and Self Help (Hell)

by Betsy cardenas

Joshua our guest from Episode 1 is back on the mic. We talk about our self-destructive behaviors and addressing the root causes. We share a few epiphanies we’ve had after investing time into taking personal inventory of our lives. We explore why it feels self-indulgent to take care of ourselves.

I fess up to the time, money and effort I have invested in my mental health. Josh shares how he dedicates 10 minutes a day to self-improvement and how we does it.

We give tips on how even the busiest people can take a few minutes to themselves.

Overall, this episode is about how to find joy, and spurts to do things that feel good even when we are busy. Why sometimes we need to get off the “hustle” and just take some time to enjoy things while being purposeful about how we spend free time.

Why sometimes we worry more about what we are doing, rather about how we are feeling about the things we are doing. Why needing to take a break doesn’t make you “lazy”

We also share how we need to stop and assess why we want the things we want to begin with. If we never stop, we could end up missing some important moments in your life.

We also get real about some bad habits we are trying to break around comparison and why you are not your thoughts. The efforts we make to be better, why you can’t be in fear and in gratitude at the same time.

Disclaimer: We are not professionals and this is advice is not meant to replace mental health services. We fully support everyone having a therapist.

Show Notes:

Evolve 2017

Jess Lively: What if you could feel the way you want to feel today?

You Tube Motivational Video

Tony Robbins Exercise

The Currently Podcast Episode 5: You Oughta Know

by Betsy cardenas


This week we dive into the emotional labor of being immigrants/first generation Americans, and working in spaces where our culture isn't understood, or valued. In this candid chat, my guest Monica Perez, political realist and border town native goes in on how ended up here as a community and gives her perspective about the "wall," and the Dreamers we don't see on t.v.  We get pretty heated when we talk about our frustration with educating people about the humanity of immigrants. Get ready for an animated conversation! Plus, I share what i'm reading and share a movie suggestion. 

In this episode you will learn: 
-Why it can be challenging to be a person of color in the workplace
-Why you should challenge authority
-What life is like for people on the border

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