The Currently Podcast: Episode 1- The Comeback Kid

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Welcome to the debut episode! I am excited to share with you a profound conversation with artist, designer and illustrator Joshua Sandoval.

He takes us back to his childhood and teen years and incidents that made him feel as if he didn’t belong, and created resistance that he battled with for years. We dive into what our 20’s are for and how his “failures” led him down a path of self-discovery, creativity and fulfillment that transformed his life.

We explore machismo, empathy, the role of art in this political climate and what he believes brought us to this critical moment of our history.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why seeing people like us in positions of authority matters
  • Strategies to build community and meet people in the field you want to join

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The Currently: Week of 7/21

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This week's favorites are below! Send me your suggestions for anything you think I should include! 


Your hate watch of the week is "Friends From College." I  watched it waiting for these people to redeem themselves. However, it had some genuinely funny moments, and appearances by Seth Rogen and other funny people. Think Ross and Rachel story lines, with a hint of raunchiness. 

HBO thinks this is a perfect time to release a show called, "Confederate." 

Mad Men turns 10! Re-visit or discover this masterpiece. Here is a list of the 10 best episodes which I firmly endorse. Best scene in the whole show is: The Carousel. 


Your Weekly Millennial Read: Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement:Unions protect workers from unfair labor practices. Unions are part of the reason why in previous decades, people were able to buy homes, have healthcare and put their kids through college while working at a factory. Si se puede!  

How People Decide to Have Kids: Hint: It’s complicated AF

The Importance of Seeing Black Friendship on Television  Recap: In HBO’s Insecure:“female friendship is treated as more than just a connection—it’s a means to emotional and mental survival.” Think about how significant that is in a sea of white bestie tv shows. Don’t forget to watch Season 1 this weekend before Season 2 starts.

Life Hacks of the Poor and Aimless: Recap: This article explores if positive thinking and yoga can save us from income inequality and global warming.


Unravel: A podcast about fashion history

Still Processing: A podcast about culture hosted by two culture writers for the New York Times. They dissect everything from Beyonce and Jay-Z’s albums, Trump TV, Tupac and Sofia Coppola.

DO GOOD, BE GOOD- Small insights on how to be better and small ways to make a big difference

This Millennial Loteria is your Friday smile

Why You Should Have At Least Two Careers

Somos Padres: Self-help for your soul in this show about “raising ourselves.” Aimed at parents but useful to everyone still working on themselves.

Tell Congress to stop cutting taxes on billionaires at the expense of everyone else.

Six different ways for people to get involved in their communities

That's all folks!

I want to hear what you find noteworthy. Send me a DM on Instagram @betsyaimeec. 


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This week's favorites are below! Send me your suggestions for anything you think I should include! 


The Defiant Ones on HBO: Money, Fame, Business and 90’s gangsta rap. What else do you need to know? Grab a snack though, it’s 4 hours long.

The 90’s on CNN: Yes, you know that decade that brought us dial-up internet, Clueless, and that famous “blue” dress. You can relive all of it now.

Game of Thrones: It’s violent, the names are hard to remember, but somehow I still get enthralled by it. Watch it so that you know what people are talking about all the time. Just don’t try to watch the whole series in 3 days. Read the recaps. The only thing you need to know is, Jon Snow FOREVAH! Starts 4/18


Your Weekly Reminder of Why Millennials Suck: This week it’s because we do things out of order. Recap: Boomers use minuscule data points to tell us to stop having babies out of wedlock!

If Latinos Were Their Own Economy. Recap: They/We would basically be a pretty powerful country that many Americans couldn’t find on a map.

How Systemic Segregation of Schools Is Maintained by Your Choices. Yes, YOU! Who ME? Recap: If the schools in your neighborhood suck, you are supposed to do something about it. 


Did I mention I have a podcast? Listen to the trailer here

What’s the deal with Russia? Did you forget all the details? I did too. Luckily The Outline Dispatch did a recap that you can listen to while you do your least favorite chore. Note: People in Ohio who won 45 the election aren’t really alarmed about this. Most days, this podcast is about interesting tech, culturally relevant news. Hit subscribe. 

Creating Espacios is a podcast hosted by Forbes contributor, Vivian Nunez. Listen to her episode with EIC of Cosmo Latina, Michelle Herrera Mulligan and her episode with 20-something Mitzi Gaitan who i’m sure will be winning some type of 30-Under-30 award any day now.

DO GOOD, BE GOOD-Small insights on how to be better and small ways to make a big difference

Buy Cards Against Humanity PINK Edition. Same as the other cards just with the added tax that comes with being a woman. Proceeds go to Emily’s List, an organization that supports women who are running for office. Sounds like a no brainer! Plus, the game is actually pretty fun!

Your emotions and your stomach are linked! Recap: Do a gut check, then buy some probiotics. Call me in 3 weeks when your life has changed.

Resilience isn’t about enduring but about how you recharge.The key to resilience is trying really hard, then stopping, recovering, and then trying again. Recap: It’s ok to stop after a tough week at work and take it easy the next. You are not a machine. Stop trying to be like the people who brag about sleeping 4 hours, you know who sleeps 4 hours? I’ll give you a hint his last name rhymes with, “rump.”

Finally but probably of most importance this week. The greedy people are coming for our internet know. Rules to protect the internet had been put in place in 2015 but you know, elections have consequences. Essentially, they want to create pathways for content to be prioritized. Meaning, if I have a lot of money to pay, my content will download faster than your cousin’s obscure blog. The providers can decide what content to prioritize. The small # of companies that control our internet can do whatever they want since the person that was put in charge of the FCC is a former lawyer for Verizon. Read more about it here.

That's all folks!

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Last Summer, I started The Currently Newsletter to create the type of content I craved. The type of content that didn’t assume I only cared about lipstick but that knew I cared about the world, and the people in it too. The kind that recognized that our lives and our careers do not exist in separate spheres. The kind that knew that sometimes we do want to know where to find a great product to prevent wrinkles! But simultaneously want to know how to create more goodness in the world.  

The internet is so vast that people want to know where to direct their attention. This is also a golden age for content, there are many creative people putting innovative thoughts, movies and television shows into the sphere and I wanted to share that too. 

When you have multiple channels screaming at you, sometimes talking to one person can be the best refuge, whether it’s by reading a curated newsletter or escaping into a podcast.

That was true last year, and even more true now. 

Almost one year to the date, I am excited to launch The Currently Podcast.

Let me tell you how I came to this point.

Last year, as the election came to I head, I was convinced that there was a sense of inevitability about the female candidate in the race. Not because she was perfect but because everyone knew enough about the other candidate to know that he wasn’t an option.

Of course, I was wrong. Many of us woke up with an unfamiliar feeling. 

Once again, our generation had been shaken to its core. The things we thought we knew about the world had been slightly altered. 

The economic recession changed how people thought about work.

9/11 changed how we thought about safety.

November 8th will be a day we will remember too.

Even if nothing changed for you personally on November 8th, things changed for many people and that in itself has created a ripple effect that will be felt for years to come.

Don’t be scared. This isn’t all bad news.

Since that day we have seen a record number of young people run for office, people giving time and money to causes they care about. People really do want to get more involved. People are exercising their voices and speaking out in various ways with their wallets and on the streets.

We were already in the midst of change before this cataclysmic election.

Millennials have been pushing the boundary of what it means to “work, whether by seeking more fulfilling work, becoming self-employed and by creating numerous side-hustles. Our generation is adapting to the new ways to work, live and consume information.

Whether by saying I don’t need to buy this house, or by saying I don’t need to have children at a certain age.

These topics are not new to me as they have often been the underlying theme of some of my writing in the places like Forbes, Vox and even in my parenting writing.

But these topics seemed almost too big for me to take on in a podcast platform. 

I decided to stop being afraid and just do it!

That’s the other story here, about all the self-doubt that goes into putting yourself out there in a new way. There are questions about failure and relevance that scroll through my mind even as I type this.

I am trying to reckon with those parts of myself that don’t fit into the narrative of empowerment that permeates the social media landscape.

Here I am, with some new lessons under my belt and in a more accepting place of who I am, and who I am not and with some more clarity of who I want to be. I am not coming from a place of knowing but from a place of wanting to build a community where we work through things together.

I want to make sense of the now and ourselves-together!

This newsletter will remain the same, with a few cool added features. I hope you consider checking out the podcast. If you are new to podcasts, think of them as curated radio shows that you can stream at your leisure. You can listen to the trailer for the podcast here!

You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the sign-up button at the corner of your screen. Subscribe to the podcast here.You can always e-mail me and let me know what you think! I am honored to have you here given the millions of places you could choose to spend your time.

Don't forget sometimes the best way to get going is to decide you are just going to start!