5 Years Later: Depression in the Workplace

by Betsy cardenas

Five years ago I celebrated my debut in Forbes! Forbes has also given me my most read piece (to my knowledge) This piece about dealing with depression in the workplace has been widely read, and touched the lives of many. It event generated me my first mention in US World News. 

Don't ever feel the need to suffer in silence. Please share it with someone you think might need it! 

Dealing with Depression At Work: What You Need to Know



by Betsy cardenas

I cannot believe it's June! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year! 

May was quite a month. 

I continued to learn more about my toddler's speech delay. There was good days, and we've seen a lot of progress but there are still some challenging days.  Probably because I was feeling tired from processing a lot of that my Be Visible column this month was about Millennial burnout.  I burnt out/lost my sh*it at least 2 times in my 20's so this a topic near and dear to my heart. 

All this talk about Millennial burnout of course reminded me of my other favorite topic- Anxiety.  I wrote about how it impacts my parenting and everything else. 

Speaking of anxious parents, I wrote a piece about 8 better ways to raise boys. Lets face it it's great to empower our girls but if we want the world to change we need to raise our boys differently too! 

By the time this month is over I will be 33. Yikes. Talk about anxiety inducing.